Carts, Trolleys & Chairs

Model: MDT 110

Medication Carts – Mild Steel Version
MDT Series

Standard Features:

  • 4 drawers for plastic bins, 4 bins each drawers, total 16 bins
  • Stainless steel top with safety railing
  • 2 drawers with key lock
  • Side push handle bar
  • 125mm swivel castor
  • Central locking for medicine bin’s drawers

Model: EMT 310

Resusitation Carts
EMT Series

Standard Features:

  • IV Pole
  • Defibrillator tray
  • 4 drawers with acrylic divider
  • Oxygen tank holder
  • Sliding writing tablet
  • Folder tray
  • Cardiac board CPR
  • 6″ heavy duty castor
  • Stainless steel table top
  • Surrouding PU bumper
  • Electric Socket
  • Removable dustbin
  • Handle bar
  • Central locking for all drawers

Model: TR1001 – E

Treatment / Recovery Trolley
TR Series


  • Backrest (75°) & Hi-Lo elevation operated by hand crank
  • Removable Stainless Steel handle bar, at both end of trolley
  • 200mm swivel castors with diagonal brake
  • Collapsible Epoxy-finish safety side rails with spring-loaded lock (Dim: L1525 x H415mm)
  • 500mm foam mattress with PVC covering
  • Oxygen tank holder (‘E’ size)
  • Stainless Steel IV Pole with double hook
  • 2 IV pole attachment
  • Mild Steel Tray
  • Ventilated 2-panel mattress base
  • Roller bumpers at all corners, to protect body frame
  • IV Pole (IVP 1)

Model: ET1002 – E

Treatment / Recovery Trolley
ET Series
Fixed Height


  • Flip down safety rails on both sides on the trolley
  • 50mm foam Mattress on aluminum sheet base
  • 4 IV pole attachment at all corner of the trolley
  • Handle bar at both head and foot aside of the trolley
  • Oxygen tank holder
  • Utility tray

Model: BDC 30

Blood Donor Chair
BDC Series

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable laying angle position by handcrank
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Fixed height

Model: RC 40

Reclining Chair

Standard Features:

  • Backrest and footrest elevation by gas lift, operated by hand lever
  • Adjustable recline position from 75° sitting to 160° sleeping
  • 2 unit of 38mm rigid castors mounted at the back for easy transportation
  • High quality arm rest
  • Sewn on upholstered headset

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